Sunday, 30 June 2013

For Those who have Learnt to Listen to the Unheard, Unexpected Voices..


  • A
Of naked depressions, of Joyride vanities, of hysteric quick witted slaughters
Of short breathed recoveries, of charged up toxicities, of bombarding numb laughters.
Of living by thoughts of existential droughts; of Narnia journals trajectories!
Of sandstorm decadence of asphalt treats of dreams, though torn raspberries.
Of Solitary travelogues of Kafkaesque transcendence, of endless "I Live" feats;
Of Themes, Of motifs, Of flames of surf Of swim swam like blue retreats...
The dreams, symbols and Tidal waves, Smokey hallucinations, obnoxious consciousness: do have a consensual mating.. will you??
  • B
Of realms and overwhelms Of scary witches, dreary traces.. the ugly faces do I dread
Of meandering silhouettes of gray, silver linings, Of detachments songs am I Dead?

Of Lost opportunities, lost possibilities of mutual masks we wear, and the makeup we don'
Of Frozen seas, of quietude flees, of subversive front fears ...and the wages for con!
Of epidemic like moods, of licentious shrouds.  And the happiness that was never born.
Of the Walls of Bethlehem, of Prophetic wisdom, Move On or you Mourn..
  • C
Of tempest upsurges, of long distant calls, of sinful knowledge of moonlit strolls
Of benevolent bridges, of clairvoyant balls, of nymph like the bondage of night star falls.
Of pastness of the past, of the cries of the unjust, of the words spoken last, of surface peace bursts
Of  Iron gates of Fate, of forced obliterate dates, of deception point crates, 
Of Silent Drowns Of unheard screams of lost symbolic states.
Do have a ride with me sometimes, will you?