Sunday, 28 June 2015


Have i forgotten to remember you
Or  it's Just those surfs of time?
Or is it that you are wide awake
In the flute that stores my pine..

Clinging to your memories
I gathered the strength 'To Live."
Down somewhere the soul eroded...
Firmly I believe.

That suffering was the connection,
That left too this monsoon
Those who knew me hold the grudge:
I'm a castaway; out of tune.

Yet, you will be a part of me which
None can see or move.
I no more let them see that me
Or hanker for a roof.

I am no more the one you fully knew
I don't know this new "me"
Yet i know that life goes on
Amidst storms and liquors of glee.

(Dear Stranger: Because it has been 4 Years!)

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