Monday, 1 August 2016


How can you desire music from me that soothes your nerves?

You Have choked my voice. Taken my words.

I speak your language. The language that is gendered.

I sing the pain of my heart Man. The music is dead.

How can you desire logic from me that matches your reason?

You have shattered me for centuries and continue doing so.

I carry the stamps of your violence. The violence that has no name,no state, no country.

I sing the pain of my heart Man. Feelings are dead.

How can you speak of Equality that was never there in the first place?

You have had given only that much that sufficed your needs-my language, my voice, my freedom.

I reject your singularities of plural equality. The equality that is baseless.

I reject by singing the pain of my heart Man. Equality is a myth.

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